10th grade takes field trip to Getty

Sarah Wagner April 20, 2015 Comments Off on 10th grade takes field trip to Getty
10th grade takes field trip to Getty
A 10th grader admires a piece of artwork at the Getty. The sophomores visited the museum on April 7 to learn more about World War I. Photographer: Carly Feldman '17.

Archer sophomores took a field trip to the J Paul Getty Museum on April 7. The 10th graders went in conjunction with their history classes.

“The purpose of the field trip was to get students off campus to a cultural institution to expose them to the way that art is a reflection of culture and art can be viewed as a learning tool,” said history teacher Beth Gold.

The grade viewed an exhibit about World War I entitled “World War I: War of Images, Images of War*”

“We are just about to discuss World War I in 10th grade history and the focus of the exhibit was how artists reacted to Word War I and brought that into their artwork. That is a great way for students to see how art is a reflection of their own culture and also how art is used as propaganda,” Gold said.

“Students were really engaged and I was proud to chaperone them. One student told a teacher when asked how the trip was that it was as good as a trip to a museum could be,” Gold said, laughing.

*The exhibit is closed as of April 19.

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