5 ways to be a good neighbor

Haley Kerner March 17, 2015 Comments Off on 5 ways to be a good neighbor
5 ways to be a good neighbor
Rachel Magnin '15 passes the guard gate after signing out to cross the street. Juniors and Seniors have the privilege to cross the street to get food and drinks for lunch or snacks. Photographer: Haley Kerner '16

On Dec. 8, 2014, the City of Los Angeles held a public hearing for neighbors of the school, current and past students, parents and other invested individuals to express their opinions on Archer Forward plan.

One neighbor voiced her concern to this reporter and her mother that the surrounding neighbors of the Brentwood area were not being treated respectfully. My experience with the girls at Archer has been one built on respect. However, in an effort to promote a safe and clean environment in the Brentwood community, I have compiled a few easy steps to ensure that Archer girls are as respectful across the street as they are in school and at home.

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