A Look Into ASB President Marisa London’s Journey

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A Look Into ASB President Marisa London’s Journey
Marisa London is all smiles during her interview with the Oracle. Photographer: Siena Deck '16

The Oracle recently sat down with Archer’s ASB president Marisa London ’14. When London came to Archer, she was a “nervous and shy” 6th grader, but she became a confident president and vital member of the Archer community. London will be attending Yale University in the fall.

ORACLE: What has been your favorite part of attending Archer?

ML: The people. Archer girls are the most amazing girls, there is so much love. And I love knowing that there are girls in my grade that would support me.

Marisa London

Marisa London poses for her Senior portrait. Courtesy of Marisa London.

ORACLE: What has Archer taught you about yourself?

ML: Archer has taught me two things: the first being that I am not shy. I used to label myself as shy, but I’ve realized that I’m not shy and that I have a voice. I also learned that you can be a huge influence in someone’s life without being their very best friend.

ORACLE: What will you miss most about the senior class?

ML: I am going to miss knowing everybody, being able to talk and sit down with any person. Because in college it’s so much harder to have a relationship with everyone.  I can have a meaningful conversation with literally every girl in my grade. It’s also been seven years, so I going to miss this community.

ORACLE: What has it been like being ASB President?

ML: It’s not what I expected. Honestly I thought it would be a lot of meetings and stuff. But it was more of thinking and trying to fix a problem in the student body. But there were still lots of meetings, more with Ms. Warner then anybody else. It was also a lot more fun then I expected and I think that has a lot to do with the people that were on student council this year. They were all super supportive and helped me so much!

ORACLE: What was your road to ASB president?

ML: I joined student council, just because it sounded fun. Then the end of the 7th grade I ran for middle school president and I didn’t get it. [laughing] Well look at me now!  And then in high school I just kept being on student council, or executive council. And as a junior I ran as ASB and didn’t get it, and I think that I became a class rep almost as default. And 11th grade was such a hard year, and I was so proud to represent and be there for our grade because it was the year that we got really close. It gave me an opportunity to make my grade happy, to spice up the meetings, and grade sleepovers. And now I’m president!

ASB Council: Kate Heck ('14), Marisa London ('14), and Rita Shrestha ('14)

ASB Council members Kate Heck ’14, Marisa London ’14 and Rita Shrestha ’14 pose under the Archer Maypole. Courtesy of Marisa London.

ORACLE: What would you tell a Marisa London 7th grader?

ML: Be yourself and not be discouraged by not getting something the first time. And that not getting something the first time is an opportunity to grow and become stronger.

ORACLE: What are you most excited for about college?

ML: I’m excited to go somewhere new!

ORACLE: What has been your favorite class at Archer?

ML: Research, because it’s such a unique course. It made me love science!

ORACLE: What’s your favorite quote?

ML: It’s Latin: “If you want to be loved be lovable,” from Ovid.

ORACLE: Favorite student store candy?

Marisa London During Arrow Week. Courtesy of: Marisa London

Marisa London participated in Archer’s Arrow Week in 2012. Courtesy of: Marisa London

ML: Frozen yogurt! The pomegranate mango and mint chocolate chip thing. Both the best things to ever happen at Archer!

ORACLE: Favorite Archer event?

ML: Halloween because it’s the beginning of the year and no one knows what to expect. And the haunted house of course!

ORACLE: Most awkward moment at Archer?

ML: Which one! In 8th grade dance troupe, I performed in a Michael Jackson tribute dance we had to skip around and I fell flat on my face! But hey I got up and kept skipping!

ORACLE: Best moment at Archer?

ML: The last day of junior year. It was one of those unforgettable moments that we never thought would actually happen, when we become seniors. And we have watched so many other grades become seniors, but being the ones to get there early, dress up, hold signs and get all crazy is such a cool feeling. And even if the rest of the grades weren’t feeling it, I was just so happy! We felt so united as a grade and school. Because no where else would you get girls screaming with paint and boas on their faces.


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