Archer Abroad trip to Guatemala was ‘life-changing’

Nelly Rouzroch February 12, 2016 Comments Off on Archer Abroad trip to Guatemala was ‘life-changing’
Archer Abroad trip to Guatemala was ‘life-changing’
Archer girls sit in a circle for a discussion about permaculture in Guatemala. The trip took place over Thanksgiving break. Photo Courtesy of Stefanie Daehler.

Over Thanksgiving break, 11 Archer students escaped the fast-paced Los Angeles lifestyle and immersed themselves into Guatemalan culture to learn about permaculture and sustainable living in Central American society.

“The Guatemala Archer abroad trip was the most life-changing experience… We learned some lessons that we could never learn in school,” Maya Winkler ’18 said.

The 11 students that went on the trip include Alyssa Downer ’17, Anabella Ronson Benenati ’17, Annie Moore ’17, Claire Sulzer ’17, Delilah Hamlin ’17, Halle Jacobs ’17, Malia Rouvi ’18, Maya Winkler ’18, Rachel Pike ’17, Sophia Rusoff O’Neill ’18 and Sophie Evans-Katz ’18.

The program designed especially for Archer by Where There Be Dragons took the girls to San Lucas Tolimán for the week-long excursion and focused on the concept of permaculture.

“Before I went on this trip I knew nothing about permaculture,” Sophia Rusoff O’Neill ’18 said.

Permaculture is a way of living that doesn’t disrupt nature,” Malia Rouvi ’18 said. “We talked with a lot of locals about what they do in their daily lives and how they implement permaculture.” 

The girls talked to local Guatemalans to get a sense of what life is like throughout the country and to learn about their culture.

“We talked to a very influential woman who was a part of this town, who didn’t have kids. [She] owned her own business and was showing other women their capabilities in Guatemalan culture,” seventh-grade dean and trip adviser Jerilyn Joel said. “I thought it was very empowering to hear these people’s stories and learn about their culture just through talking.”

The girls also participated in service work by helping locals plant a garden.

“It was most impactful because I was so inspired by how inspired Archer girls were,” librarian and trip adviser Stefanie Daehler said.

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