Archer Alumnae return to campus for ‘Back to School’ event

Carina Oriel February 2, 2016 Comments Off on Archer Alumnae return to campus for ‘Back to School’ event
Archer Alumnae return to campus for ‘Back to School’ event
Class of 2015 graduates pose for a picture with librarian and graphic design teacher Luke Robertson. Photo courtesy of Louise Miclat.

The Archer Alumnae Association Board welcomed alumnae back to campus for Archer’s fourth annual Archer Alumnae Back to School event on Wednesday, Jan. 6.

According to Associate Director of Advancement Evelyn Ramirez-Schultz, there were approximately 50 alumnae in attendance.

The event was aimed towards graduates from the classes of 2012 to 2015. The event allowed recent graduates to return to the Archer community and interact with former classmates.

“It was so surreal coming back to Archer for the first time since graduation. I was so happy to reconnect with all of my peers and my teachers,” Yasmeen Namazie ’15 said.

The invitation was extended to the current seniors so that soon-to-be graduates could learn about college life.

“It was great to hear from Archer graduates on their experiences in college so far. It’s nice to see that I will still be a part of a community of strong, successful women after I leave Archer,” Shelby Mumford ’16 said.

The Alumnae Board aims to create opportunities for alums and current students to interact and for graduates to come back onto campus.

“Ms. Webster is on the Alumnae Board, and she oversees the Alumni-Student committee. Their role is to keep alumnae and students connected. She’s working on a few initiatives to have more of those events and opportunities for alumnae and students to interact and forge relationships,” Ramirez-Schultz said.

“I think my favorite part of the event was seeing that all of the programs and clubs I had left were in such capable hands, whether it be the soccer team or The Oracle. I am so excited to see what all of my younger friends will accomplish,” Namazie said.

“Alums, as they get older, say they want to get more involved. They are really excited and supportive of the growth and changes of Archer and the overall success of Archer,” Ramirez-Schultz said. “They want to be a part of that and they want to be ambassadors. They want to be able to assist with anything they can.”

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