Archer Athletes Attend Sports Banquet

Yasmeen Namazie May 22, 2014 Comments Off on Archer Athletes Attend Sports Banquet
Archer Athletes Attend Sports Banquet
According to the banquet brochure, 50% of Archer students participate in sports. Photographer: Yasmeen Namazie '15

On May 19, the Olympic Collection hosted Archer’s 2014 Sports Banquet. Archer Athletes from Varsity and Junior Varsity teams are recognized for their participation, commitment, and excellence. The major awards for the night included the Rookie of the Year, Scholar-Athlete, Athlete of the Year, Dedication Awards and CIF awards.

According to the banquet brochure, “Sixteen Archer athletes were named ‘All-League’ and six were named ‘All-CIF,’ the most ever at Archer.”

Rachel Pike ’17 was recognized as the Rookie of the Year. This award is presented to a “9th grade multi-sport athlete who plays a pivotal role in the athletic program.” Pike was an active member on the Archer Varsity Soccer Team and Archer Varsity Softball Team.

Yasmeen Namazie ’15 received the Scholar-Athlete of the Year award, presented to a “multi-sport athlete who is a critical member of [the] athletics program while achieving high marks in the classroom.” Namazie participated in cross country, soccer, and track.

CIF awards are given to players “who perform at a high level through the regular season as well as the playoffs.” Players are selected by a committee for the divisions, comprised of 70-100 schools. Soccer players Namazie and Leandra Ramlo ’16 and basketball player Maia Barnett ’14 were selected for first team all-CIF in their respective sports.

Christian Luhnow ’16, Ali Kiley ’16, Leyla Namazie ’17, Rachel Magnin ’15, Ari Brown ’16, Marcela Riddick ’16, Sarah Walston ’17 and Yasmeen Namazie ’15 all received Dedication Awards for participating in three Archer sports. Maia Barnett ’14, a stand-out at the Banquet, received recognition for participating in four Archer sports.

Barnett was “Archer’s all-time leader in points assists, rebounds, and steals, [and is] the first Archer basketball player to receive a full scholarship. Maia will be attending Western Washington University in Bellingham, WA.”

Barnett also received the most prized award of the night: Athlete of the Year. Athletic director Denny Lennon delivered a heart-felt speech and presented her the award; it was the perfect closing to the dedicated athlete’s seven years of participation in Archer sports.

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