Archer Celebrates Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Gemma Brand-Wolf January 25, 2015 1
Archer Celebrates Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
Martin Luther King Jr., pictured above, is an inspiration to many Archer girls. BSU co-president Marcela Riddick '16 praised him in an interview with the Oracle. She said he "ultimately gave up his life so that future generations would have equal rights." Photo is from, a government website protected under fair use.

During the course of his short 39 years, Martin Luther King Jr. inspired world wide change that continues to affect and impact people’s lives today. To this day, schools across the country recognize Jan. 19 as a national service day to commemorate the man who fought for racial equality in this midst of social turmoil. 

In the words of Archer’s Black Student Union (BSU) co-president Marcela Riddick ’16, “Martin Luther King Jr. was a major player in the civil rights movement and ultimately gave up his life so that future generations would have equal rights.”

Some members of Archer’s BSU participated in a parade in downtown Los Angeles held in honor of King, Riddick wrote in an email. Other members of BSU spent MLK Day watching the movie “Selma.”

BSU faculty advisor Amelia Mathis said the film “is the story of the epic march from Selma to Montgomery which ended in the result of President Johnson signing the Voting Rights Act of 1965.”

Over the month of February, which is also Black History Month, the BSU plans to delve into King’s life and story.

Although there is a specific day dedicated to celebrating King, Riddick believes we must remember him in everyday life. There are subtle ways to do this, Riddick explained, and it is enough “just recognizing what he has done, teaching someone about him and his dream. Keeping his message alive is the key to true acceptance of all people.”

As we move into the new year, BSU encourages the Archer community to “keep King’s ideals in mind” because, they said, everybody—whatever sex, gender, color or background—deserves equal opportunities and equal rights.

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  1. Rebecca Brand-Neuman February 4, 2015 at 10:24 PM -

    Beautiful, concise article that really captures the spirit of the meaning and the great significance of the historical impact that MLK HAS had to this day!!