Senior Chloe Hallinan Writes for Feminist Blog

Sarah Wagner October 1, 2014 2
Senior Chloe Hallinan Writes for Feminist Blog
Chloe Hallinan ’15 types an article on her computer. Chloe blogs for and is a member of the teen editorial board.

Feminism, the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities, is a theme that frequently arises at Archer. Senior Chloe Hallinan ’15 is a self proclaimed feminist who writes for “thefbomb,” an online community for teen feminists. She is a member of the editorial board and is responsible for writing at least one article per month.

She began to get involved with thefbomb after reading a book written by the blog’s founder Julie Zeilinger, “A Little ‘F’d Up: Why Feminism isn’t a Dirty Word.” Hallinan “highly recommend[s]” the book, saying, “The book inspired me to take action against the misogyny that plagues our society and the world.”

She also cites Archer as a source of her personal growth as a feminist. “The message of women’s empowerment that I got from Archer inspired me to learn more about feminism. My English classes that I have had at Archer helped me build my writing skills and confidence so that I was able to write articles,” she said.

She has written numerous articles, on topics like prostitution, positive body image, being a feminist fashion model, and Archer’s self defense program.

A logo depicting the relationship between Women's Media Center and the fbomb.  The two organizations are partnered. Taken from the Women's Media Center's website.

A logo depicting the relationship between Women’s Media Center and the fbomb. The two organizations are partnered. Taken from the Women’s Media Center’s website. is partnered with Women’s Media Center. WMC’s website describes their goal as to make “women visible and powerful in the media…We do this in the following ways: media advocacy campaigns, media monitoring for sexism, creating original content,training women and girls to participate in media, and promoting media experienced women experts.”

As a part of her job, Chloe “was selected to attend a training in New York City held by the Women’s Media Center led by Christine Jahnke, a professional media coach who works with Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton. In October, I will be returning to New York for the Women’s Media Center Awards to honor female leaders in the media including Katie Couric and Barbara Walters,” she said.

Chloe said, “The f bomb accepts article submissions from anyone, I encourage all Archer girls to explore the site and try writing an article.”


  1. Brian Wogensen October 15, 2014 at 10:14 AM -

    Nice article, Sarah, and kudos to Chloe for getting her voice heard out there. I love the hyperlinks in this to all the related content.

  2. patty lancaster December 12, 2014 at 10:38 AM -

    We are so fortunate to have Chloe H. at Archer. Thanks for the blog information, and being involved in the most important issues for women’s rights. Great write up Sarah.