Archer seniors lead ‘One Book’ celebration

Logan Connors May 9, 2016 Comments Off on Archer seniors lead ‘One Book’ celebration
Archer seniors lead ‘One Book’ celebration
English Department Chair Brian Wogensen reads an excerpt of "Alice in Wonderland" to the Archer community. Photographer: Syd Stone '16.

The Archer community celebrated One Book during the week of April 11-15. A group of seniors worked together to pick the book “Alice in Wonderland.” Planning for the event began even before the school year did.

The community participated in various activities throughout the week in an effort to incorporate the book into everyone’s lives.

“Alice” seemed to be the obvious choice for the book this year, the seniors said.

“It’s the book’s anniversary, and it’s also just a great and fun book to read,” senior Tracey Thompson said.

French teacher Dr. Valerie Yoshimura reads Alice in Wonderland in French with her French 4 class. Photo By: Logan Connors '17

French teacher Valerie Yoshimura reads Alice in Wonderland in French with her French 4 class. Teachers were encouraged to incorporate the novel into their curriculums throughout the week. Photographer: Logan Connors ’17

The kickoff for the week began on Monday, April 11, when the students filled the courtyard during advisory. The courtyard was transformed into Alice’s world, complete with teachers and students dressed in costume.

“I feel like that’s what reading is about, reading and sharing a story and that sense of community is what you can really get from experiencing art communally, and for me the courtyard is a space of community that I feel is an easy way to gather everyone,” Thompson said.

Seniors transformed the quiet room in The Tia Palermo Memorial Library into the rabbit hole that Alice falls down in the beginning of the story.

On Thursday, students also had the opportunity to go into the library to enjoy a viewing of the movie “Alice in Wonderland.

Teachers also found ways to incorporate One Book into their classes. French teacher Valerie Yoshimura read the French version of “Alice in Wonderland” with her class. The class also watched their favorite scenes of the movie in French.

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