Comedian Larry David writes gripping play ‘Fish in the Dark’

Siena Deck May 21, 2015 Comments Off on Comedian Larry David writes gripping play ‘Fish in the Dark’
Comedian Larry David writes gripping play ‘Fish in the Dark’
'Fish In The Dark' promo poster. Taken from the play's official website.
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Over spring break, I had the opportunity to visit New York, where I saw Larry David’s play “Fish in the Dark.”

David, star of the comedic television series “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” wrote and starred in the play. Other lead actors of the play included Rita WilsonBen Shenkman, Janye Houdyshell, Jerry Adler and Rosie Perez.

Main character Norman Drexel, played by David, is witty, selfish and depressed. The play also includes Norman’s wife Brenda (Wilson), his brother Arthur (Shenkman), his mother Gloria (Houdyshell), his father Sidney (Adler) and the family’s housekeeper Fabiana (Perez).

Student Siena Deck and her father James Deck at Fish in the Dark. Photographer: Kim Deck

Siena Deck ’16 and father James Deck smile at the “Fish in the Dark” performance in New York. Photographer: Kim Deck

The play begins with Norman visiting his dying father in the hospital.

Like most of David’s sitcoms, the play proceeded with funny family banter and quick one liners.

The play was structured like any “Curb Your Enthusiasm” episode, mainly centered around David’s character.

As the play continues, more eccentric characters are introduced and family secrets are revealed, adding to the gripping nature of the performance.

“Fish in the Dark” is a soft commentary on living and dying and how life still goes on. It is a family story, something that young kids and older generations will be able to laugh at and enjoy.

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