CSB prepares for annual community service celebration

Ella Tollman October 20, 2015 Comments Off on CSB prepares for annual community service celebration
CSB prepares for annual community service celebration
The Community Service Board poses during the Archer's annual Club Fair. During the 2013-2014 school year, Upper School students spent 6,616.25 hours completing community service, according to CSB records. Photographer: Theresa Dahlin

Archer’s Community Service Board (CSB) will put on a community service celebration on Friday, Oct. 23, at lunch in the courtyard. The upper school celebration will be a forum for students involved in service to share their passions for their projects in order to get others involved.

Senior leaders of CSB Yolani Alvarez ’16 and Grace Brown ’16 prepare to change the school’s view on community service while helping Archer girls find their interests.

“This really helps student passion. We’ve had strangers come from organizations, but this is the first year it’s student led,” Brown said.

Both Alvarez and Brown have said that they found what interested them in community service and hope to help others do the same.

“A lot of people don’t do community service because they don’t know the opportunities,” Brown said. “This  celebration will really help offer students opportunities and experiences.”

Theresa Dahlin, faculty advisor for CSB, is trying to get more girls involved in community service.

“In the past these amazing organizations came and talked and a ton of girls signed up at quite a few booths; however, when the people left campus nothing really came of it.” Dahlin said. “Having those girls involved here at school — reminding you, telling you as your friends [about their experiences] — I think and I hope that more girls will get involved.”

The CSB says this celebration aims to allow Archer girls to express their passions through helping others and the Archer community.

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