Diversity Club discusses diversity gap in politics

Isabelle Kantz May 7, 2015 Comments Off on Diversity Club discusses diversity gap in politics
Diversity Club discusses diversity gap in politics
Infographic created by Isabelle Kantz '16 on Piktochart.

In response to Hillary Clinton’s official announcement that she is running for president in 2016, the Diversity Club at Archer  led a presentation about the lack of gender, racial and religious diversity in American politics.

According to the Diversity Club, only 10 percent of state governors are women and 10 percent are people of color. The Diversity Club discussed the importance of diverse representation in politics, as well as Clinton’s plans to fix the lack of diversity.

Clinton met with Inclusv, an online database that hosts résumés of people of color, to learn how to increase diversity in her campaign.

The members of Diversity Club said Clinton’s campaign has the opportunity to change history since she will be receiving help from a diverse pool of political talent.

The club then discussed diversity at Archer.

“At Archer I think we do a really good job at making sure that we have a diverse community because through BSU [Black Student Union], Diversity Club and GEG [Girls Educate Girls], we always come together and have these different leadership positions,” Diversity Club member Carina Oriel ’16 said.

The girls then discussed ways to bring more diversity to places where it is lacking.

“While everyone can’t be at a place like Archer, I think changing what we show in the media can expose people to more diversity and make it so even though they aren’t physically in a place with a lot of diversity, they are exposed to it enough that they feel it’s normal,” presentation attendee Reanna Wauer ’16 said.

“Normalize it in the media,” Wauer said, “so that it can be normalized in the world.”

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