Faculty art featured in Archer gallery

Helena Heslov October 20, 2015 Comments Off on Faculty art featured in Archer gallery
Faculty art featured in Archer gallery
Two art pieces hang on the wall of the art gallery. The pieces are a part of the faculty art show and were created by Sue Sullivan and Jerilyn Joel. Photographer: Helena Heslov '16.

Archer faculty members’ art work is currently displayed in the gallery area outside of the library for the faculty art show. The show has been up since the beginning of the school year.

The gallery showcased works created by Marya Alford, Chad Attie, Kate Burns, Stefanie Daehler, Theresa Dahlin, Reed Farley, Cushman Gillen, Jerilyn Joel, Karen Pavliscak, Luke Robertson, Emily Silver and Sue Sullivan.

One of Archer librarian Stefanie Daehler’s photographs features a stream and rocks from the Western Slopes of the Chugach mountain range in Alaska. Daehler took the photo while on a faculty trip with the National Outdoor Leadership School. If she had to caption the photo, Dealer says she would call it “Night Time Stillness In Alaska.”

“I think it’s great that the teachers are being featured in their own show. They get a chance to show their own talents to their students,” Anabel Robertson ’17 said.

Below is a gallery of some of the work on display. Click on an image to begin the slideshow.


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