Independent Shakespeare Company presents “Pericles” to Archer community

Sydney Stone and Sarah Wagner May 22, 2015 1
Independent Shakespeare Company presents “Pericles” to Archer community
Pericles (André Martin) stands aboard his ship during the Independent Shakespeare Company's performance of "Pericles." "Pericles" is one of the lesser-known Shakespearean plays. Photographer: Syd Stone '16.

The Independent Shakespeare Company (ISC) visited Archer on May 13 to present a production of “Pericles.”

The ISC comes to Archer once a year for the annual Shakespeare on the Green performance. In years past, the company has performed “Romeo and Juliet,” “Macbeth” and many other Shakespearean classics.

English Department Chair Brian Wogensen oversaw the event this year.

“I think it was a great night. The Independent Shakespeare Company always manages to meld humor with the drama in the pieces. This play had serious elements, but it was also comic, which I think everyone appreciated,” Wogensen said.

“I just love the fact that we can have everyone come together and see the plays the way they were intended to be seen — rather than just read them in class — to have a performance that is dynamic and alive,” he said.

Melissa Chalsma, artistic director of the ISC, played Pericles’ wife Thaisa in the play.

“We love performing at Archer! The Archer students are always so expressive, smart and lively,” she wrote in an email interview.

The ISC values the feedback they receive at their annual Shakespeare on the Green.

“They nearly always react differently from other audiences, and we learn a lot about our performance and the play when we are there.  Performing at Shakespeare on the Green is a joyful experience, and all of us look forward to it each spring!” wrote Chalsma.

Below is a gallery of photos from the event taken by Syd Stone ’16. Click on an image to begin the slideshow.


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  1. Ms. Webster May 29, 2015 at 8:39 PM -

    Such a great show! Wonderful photos, Syd!