Inexpensive L.A. sushi restaurants will satisfy your cravings

Helena Heslov October 28, 2015 Comments Off on Inexpensive L.A. sushi restaurants will satisfy your cravings
Inexpensive L.A. sushi restaurants will satisfy your cravings
An assortment of sushi from SushiStop. Photo used with permission from SushiStop's Instagram.

Los Angeles is home to some of the best quality, not to mention most expensive, sushi restaurants, such as Nobu and Matsuhisa. However, there are plenty of high quality places to get sushi in Los Angeles that won’t break the bank.

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Sushi Stop has six locations all over Los Angeles from the Hollywood area all the way to Santa Monica. Each dish is only $2.95, a big difference from the $10.00 that sushi restaurants usually charge. The restaurant’s head chef, Shuji Kimura, aims to provide high-quality sushi at a reasonable price to the city, according to the SushiStop website. One of SushiStop’s unique rolls, the “Las Vegas” roll, features an eel roll topped with spicy tuna and garnished with fried, thinly sliced lotus root.


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Located on Wilshire Boulevard in Santa Monica, just 10 minutes from Archer, Kimuya Sushi is another fresh and inexpensive sushi restaurant in Los Angeles. Their prices are a bit higher than SushiStop’s, but they are still much more affordable than the fancier sushi restaurants around the area. Kimuya’s menu features the “Bento Box” which allows customers to choose two or three items from the menu along with a small portions of rice, miso soup and salad.

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With locations on both Westwood and Ventura Boulevard, Yamato’s prices are low enough for a night out with friends or family. The LED lights around the restaurant make for a unique atmosphere. The menu has endless options for every sushi-lover and includes uniquely created rolls such as the “Bora Bora” roll which includes tuna, salmon, avocado and crab wrapped inside cucumber.

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