‘Joseph’ in the round: middle school pushes limits

Chloe Davenport May 23, 2016 2
‘Joseph’ in the round: middle school pushes limits
The middle school musical is musical-ready in their costumes. Each girl has a significant role in making the musical possible, Director Reed Farley said. Photographer: Elyse Pollack '18.

The biblical story “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” was performed by the middle school May 12-14.

The Oracle interviewed the director, Reed Farley, and student co-assistant-director, Eloise Rollins–Fife ’17.

“Joseph has been a favorite show of mine for kids since I was in it in middle school — it’s very playful, tons of parts, a huge ensemble and just fun,” Farley said when asked why he picked the musical.

The musical is a rock opera about Joseph from the Old Testament. A big part of the musical focuses on family and forgiveness, Farley said.

“It is a biblical story, and it’s very complex music,” Rollins–Fife said. “There is a lot of harmonies, and it’s just really elevated a lot this year.”

Rollins–Fife and Stella Gage ’17 assistant directed the musical, and other upper school students assisted them. The upper school students helped coach the actors, manage backstage, organize the tech dinners, build props and more.

“It’s a lot more adult in subject matter,” Rollins–Fife said.

This year, the musical was more complex than previous years. The stage was virtually round, so the audience was on all three sides, which Farley said had never been done before.

The different stage challenged the girls to include the audience in the musical, but Farley said the play is still about having fun.

“In middle school we really focus on having fun — it’s about the experience,” he said.

The girls have been practicing since late February. They have put in an immense amount of time and dedication into making the musical the best it can be.

“Everyone has their moment to shine” and “each and every kid truly is integral to the show,” Farley said.


  1. Dr. Yoshimura May 23, 2016 at 1:26 PM -

    The amount of energy delivered by the cast was unbelievable: nonstop song, dance, and story. Wow!

  2. Kate Burns May 23, 2016 at 1:51 PM -

    Thanks for the article, Chloe! We always appreciate the Oracle’s support in sharing news about Arts at Archer!