Kudos to Oracle editors, staff

Oracle Staff April 23, 2015 Comments Off on Kudos to Oracle editors, staff

Dear Editor (and Staff),

As my time at Archer quickly comes to a close, I have found myself reflecting not only on my past seven years and how far I’ve come, but also the accomplishments of my peers. Ms. Taylor’s brief announcement during our upper school meeting today celebrating the Oracle’s recent victory was merely one example of the many triumphs made here at Archer.

I am so unbelievably proud of what the Oracle team has accomplished. Because the Oracle is not just some thing that was created, submitted, and selected as a winner; it’s an ever changing platform where opinions are explored, questions are raised, and students are celebrated. I am a regular reader of the Oracle, and whether I want to explore unique perspectives, discover new restaurants, find the perfect playlist, or just keep up to date with what’s going on around Archer, the Oracle never disappoints.

And although this masterpiece of a “newspaper” could not be what it is without any of the Oracle staff, I must particularly commend the seniors: Yasmeen and Rachel. As a senior myself, I am bewildered as to how Yasmeen and Rachel continue to be leaders and avid contributors to the Oracle. On top of sports, APs, and (let’s be honest) senioritis, both seniors have remained dedicated to a very demanding elective because they are passionate about journalism and especially the Oracle.

This letter has been a very long way of saying that I am in awe of the Oracle staff and the wonderful creation they have worked so hard to make and maintain. I know that even when I am in college and beyond, I will continue to check in on Archer and my friends by reading this fantastic publication.


Sage Orvis ’15

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