Mari Goldberg ’17 wins Brentwood Community Council’s Youth Citizen Award

Ella Tollman December 17, 2015 Comments Off on Mari Goldberg ’17 wins Brentwood Community Council’s Youth Citizen Award
Mari Goldberg ’17 wins Brentwood Community Council’s Youth Citizen Award
Mari Goldberg visits the Unozumai Elementary School in Tohoku, Japan. Picture used with permission from Mari Goldberg.

On Tuesday, Dec. 1, Mari Kimura Goldberg ’17 was awarded the 2015 Brentwood Community Council’s Youth Citizen Award.

According to Westside Today, the award is for students who “exemplify leadership, innovation, dedication and courage.”

Goldberg is passionate about helping children in other countries recover from natural disasters, working with underprivileged children, assisting mentally disabled athletes and providing food for people who physically cannot get their own.

Goldberg began her own organization, Cards from the Heart, after the earthquake and tsunami that hit Tohoku, Japan in 2011. Her organization sent encouraging letters and funds to the Unozumai Elementary School, which was completely devastated from the earthquake.

“The Archer Community Service Board has supported me and gave me opportunities to lead. After joining, I am really focused on empowering youth to give back to the community.” Goldberg wrote in an email.

The Community Service Board (CSB) is run by students and spreads awareness of community service opportunities and information throughout the school.

Community Service Advisor Theresa Dahlin works closely with Goldberg and has seen her work with others and pursue her passion.

“Mari is an incredibly hardworking and devoted member of the Community [Service] Leadership Board. She inspires all of us with her dedication and determination to not only give her time and talents but create opportunities for other girls to get involved as well,” Dahlin wrote in an email interview.

Goldberg is also an avid tennis player and is a member of the Archer Varsity Tennis Team. She combines her passions for with her organization, Racquets for Aces.

“This is an organization I started that gives tennis racquets to underprivileged children ages 3-17. These kids are trying to find an activity like tennis that would keep them out of trouble where they live. I collect racquets from my community and local high schools and make tennis racquet donations every month to the Riviera Foundation.” Goldberg wrote.

When asked about how Archer girls can get involved, Goldberg shared: “There are several ways Archer girls can get involved in service because service can be small actions. Anything from picking up trash in your neighborhood to starting organizations you are passionate about are possible.”

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