Merciless Tornado Series Sweeps The Midwest

Zaire D. Armstrong November 24, 2013 Comments Off on Merciless Tornado Series Sweeps The Midwest
Merciless Tornado Series Sweeps The Midwest
Firefighters in Washington, Illinois, look across the destruction the tornado caused. Source: Fox2Now

On Sunday, Nov. 19, a vicious series of tornados tore through Kentucky, Illinois, and Indiana. 

The National Weather Service reported that as many as 67 tornados came through the Midwest between Sat., Nov. 18 and Sun., Nov. 19.The current estimated death toll is six persons, not including those countless unidentified or missing survivors that may still be living among the rubble.

CNN reported “more than 75,000 residents were without power” – and some homes have yet to regain complete electricity. On Monday night, “Consumers Energy,” an electric company which services nearly 70 percent of Michigan’s electricity, reported 8 percent of their customers were left without power, according to Wood TV. That number has decreased since then, however.

The tornadoes delayed the Bears-Ravens game for a couple hours in at Solider Field in Chicago.

“We heard a big noise…And you can see whats it’s done here…” said one man in an interview with ABC News. “This is as close as I ever want to get [to a tornado],” said awoman about a giant twister she was driving by in a featured clip by ABC News.

Cars were overturned, structures flattened and “at least 50 mobile homes” were destroyed by the tornadoes. Debris was scattered in the streets and throughout houses, making the recovery and the clean-up even more laborious. “It’s just absolutely unbelievable” said Pekin, Illinois residence Jack Lance in an  interview with CNN.

Firemen, police officials, and volunteers are assisting the victims and trying to recover order in the chaos.

Though he has yet to personally address this particular crisis, Obama said about a similar tornado earlier this year that they will “have all the resources they need at their disposal,” and that, “the people should know that their country will remain on the ground, there for them, beside them as long as it takes.”  We hope the white-house will take on the same approach to this recent nation disaster.


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