New Debate Coach Arrives at Archer

Sydney Stone October 14, 2014 Comments Off on New Debate Coach Arrives at Archer
New Debate Coach Arrives at Archer
Debate Coach Daniel Zimmer teaches the team the importance of warming up physically before a debate. This school year (2014-2015) is Zimmer's first year at Archer. Photographer: Syd Stone '16.

Archer recently hired Daniel Zimmer to coach the debate team. Zimmer previously worked at Vines High School in Plano, Texas, as a debate coach.

When asked why she hired a new coach, debate coordinator and previous coach Jenn Babin said, “Now that I am 9th grade dean, I just unfortunately [don’t] have time to continue coaching.”

Babin added, “I also feel that the team has grown to a place where we’re ready to take it to that next level. Because I myself didn’t have a ton of debate experience before I took over coaching, I feel like a more qualified or a more experienced coach could help get us to that next place.”

Zimmer described why he teaches debate:

Aside from the infinite imaginative and strategic possibilities, debate forces one to consider values and to extract meaning from the issues affecting the world that we all inhabit. It also instills and utilizes a confidence in public speaking and a confidence in oneself that will be needed regardless of chosen profession.”

On the differences between working at Archer and his past jobs, Zimmer said, “Archer is a private school, and all my previous experience is rooted in public school. In addition, Vines High School was co-ed. The competitive leagues in California seem to have many differences than the Texas leagues my teams have competed in previously. I anticipate many other differences as well, but I enjoy the diversity and the challenges it brings.”

Debate Coach Daniel Zimmer prepares for a debate meeting on October 2. Zimmer is new to the Archer community, and has been here since the fall. Syd Stone '16.

Debate Coach Daniel Zimmer prepares for a debate meeting on Oct 2. Zimmer is new to the Archer community, and has been here since the fall. Photographer: Syd Stone ’16.

Babin said that Mr. Zimmer’s enthusiasm, knowledge, and experience as a debate coach “really impressed all of us…” She added, “He just seemed like the perfect fit to take over the debate team.”

Zimmer explained that he is not just focused on trophies and titles, but that “that kind of success can come as a symptom of the dedication, hard work, and personal growth that is necessary in debate. If Archer’s young ladies debate with honor, dignity, and professionalism, they will have a happy coach.”

Debate captain Cece Bobbitt ’15 said, “He is open to the weirder cases and ideas that we come up with, but also keeps us grounded and makes sure that we always look back to the resolution. I am super excited to continue learning from him this year! “

Lastly, Zimmer added, “I want Archer and its communities to be aware of how hard these young ladies work and how proud I am to lead them.”

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