Philanthropy Phebruary: Archer takes action

Ella Tollman March 4, 2016 Comments Off on Philanthropy Phebruary: Archer takes action
Philanthropy Phebruary: Archer takes action
Middle Schoolers take part in Community Service Daybreak activity making Valentines for a retirement home. Photographer: Theresa Dahlin

Last month, the Archer School for Girls participated in Philanthropy Phebruary, teaching girls how to become philanthropists in their own communities.

Girls dug through their closets, finding ways they could give back to their communities and those in need.

“There is so much need, and we have so much. This is the time for our girls to really hone in on areas they are interested in. Community service is all about passion and purpose and being an agent of social change,” Community Service Adviser Theresa Dahlin said

During the month, Archer took part in multiple drives to help organizations both locally and globally. The Community Service Board — along with grades 6-12 — held toy drives, spent time working with an orphanage in Peru, raised funds for the Venice family housing and donated enough books to open a library in a local elementary school.

With the help of teacher and parent involvement, students were able to initiate the drives themselves. They got involved with what makes them passionate.

Along with giving back to communities in need, Archer is trying to improve their own community by engaging in campaigns such as “No One Eats Alone.”

“No one eats alone is a national campaign for inclusion, [for Archer], it is more about seeing this group of girls sitting with this group of girls and much more about a whole, integrated student body,” Dahlin said.

“I think Philanthropy Phebruary is great because it helps younger middle schoolers find what they are passionate about with community service and find how they could help the world.” said Noa Diamond ’18.

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