Q&A with Lennon on upcoming winter season

Rachel Magnin December 12, 2014 Comments Off on Q&A with Lennon on upcoming winter season
Q&A with Lennon on upcoming winter season
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Archer Athletics Director Denny Lennon’s office is suffused with quotes from UCLA Basketball Coach John Wooden. He implements Wooden’s coaching philosophy into his teams at Archer, and in turn it has permeated Archer Athletics.

Denny Lennon is the athletic director at the Archer School for Girls and the Western Zone director of the Amateur Athletic Union Beach Volleyball Committee. At Archer, Lennon coaches the Varsity basketball and softball. The Oracle interviewed Lennon to get his take on Archer athletics thus far.

Oracle: What teams play during the winter season?

DL: Basketball, soccer and then we also run an “Archer fit program” for any athletes that want to participate, in particular spring team athletes that aren’t on Winter teams.

Oracle: What have you been most surprised about this season so far?

DL: The overwhelming participation, especially in the middle school. The fact that we had 40 plus girls come out for middle school soccer and close to 40 middle school basketball players. I think that’s maybe not surprising but eyeopening and we have a large roster for varsity basketball as well so it’s good participation

Oracle: What are you expecting for these teams, what are you excited about for this upcoming season?

DL: Middle school has a lot to do with development and learning the way to play. It’s nice if they also have a good season in terms of wins and losses but it’s more about skill development and learning how to be an athelte at Archer, how to balance your social, academic and sporting life. As far as the upper school goes, I expect we’ll do like we did last year. I think both teams have a good opportunity to make the playoffs and to challenge for league championships and if one over the other gets hot, who knows? We might be able to go get that championship then.

Oracle: Is there anything else you want to add?

DL: I think it is particularly nice to see the amount of support from all parts of our school in both the support of our athletes and teams but also the entire school community supporting the idea of Archer Forward and trying to give us great athletic facilities that’ll really move our program forward.

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