Review: Montana Avenue’s secret, Kye’s

Ella Tollman March 15, 2016 Comments Off on Review: Montana Avenue’s secret, Kye’s
Review: Montana Avenue’s secret, Kye’s
This is an example of a sweet chicken Kyerito. To properly eat the wrap, simply pull the yellow tap and push the wrap up. Photographer: Ella Tollman '19
  • Service
  • Quality of food
  • Food diversity
  • Ambiance

When walking into Kye’s, customers are greeted by a happy and cheerful atmosphere. From the blue and white tile to the and kind, pleasant smiles, you are sure to walk into a space that will leave you feeling better.

Kye’s restaurant in Santa Monica is known for their “Kyeritto,” a super food wrap made with wholesome ingredients that are made to satisfy you while staying healthy. They are ideal for people who follow a vegan, paleo or gluten free diet.

Certain items on Kye’s menu are Asian inspired with ingredients like Asian root vegetables and miso-based sauces.

Kye’s has many unique and diverse wrap choices. Their Nori wrap, for example, is a seaweed paper wrap that is rich in antioxidants, omega 3, protein and vitamins. Other wraps include different varieties of lettuce and leafy greens.

In addition to their wraps, they offer an array of smoothies, shakes, desserts and salads. Their salads include a similar selection of ingredients to the wraps, along with seeds and vinaigrettes.

Many of the customers that Kye’s attracts have found the restaurant through social media or through word of mouth.

After placing an order at the front of the restaurant, customers may have a seat at a table or take their food to go. Kye’s makes all their wraps fresh so there is usually a five to 10-minute wait for food. Several wraps and salads are available in the food case at the front of the restaurant for immediate grab-and-go, but I recommend ordering and eating it fresh.

The restaurant is within walking distance from other popular shops, restaurants and spas.

When eating at Kye’s, I order the Sweet Chicken Nori Wrap, the Very Berry Smoothie and a chocolate chip cookie. The wrap is filling but doesn’t leave you feeling stuffed. It is just enough for a perfectly healthy meal. The smoothie adds dimension to your meal. From berries to spinach and agave, this cold smoothie is explosive with taste.

To finish off my meal with a sweet treat, I order the cookie. It’s balanced with spinach to give you a little boost and satisfy your sweet cravings.

For the quality and service, I would recommend this restaurant to anyone looking for a reasonably priced and healthy meal.

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