Sophomore Rose Shulman-Litwin featured in Los Angeles photography exhibit

Shelby Mumford October 19, 2015 1
Sophomore Rose Shulman-Litwin featured in Los Angeles photography exhibit
This photo is an untitled work by Rose Shulman-Litwin '18 of student Maya Winkler '18 underwater. Shulman-Litiwn started doing photography a year ago. Photogropher: Rose Shulman-Litwin '18.

Despite the fact that Rose Shulman-Litwin ’18 is new to the world of photography, she will be featured in a Los Angeles photography exhibit next month.

“This is an amazing opportunity for our budding artist,” Art teacher Emily Silver wrote in an email to the whole school. “Out of hundreds of submissions only 40 artists were chosen.”

Shulman-Litwin and her friend began shooting photographs together early last year and then took an eight week beginners’ class at the Los Angeles Center of Photography to learn the basics.

“It was more fast-paced than drawing or painting,” Shulman-Litwin said.

She received an email from the Los Angeles Center of Photography about the First Annual Creative Portrait Exhibition’s competition, which was directed towards amateurs and professionals.

The theme for the competition was “creative portrait,” which gave her free range for what she wanted to submit. Shulman-Litwin chose to go on a darker route with her art.

“The work was completely different from how I act,” Shulman-Litwin said. “ I felt this need to make this depressing artwork.”

She created a series of five pieces featuring fellow student Maya Winkler ’18. The photo that won was a birdseye view of Winkler.

Winkler was excited to have the opportunity to work with one of her best friends for the project. Together, the two brought Shulman-Litwin’s thought-provoking vision to life.

Photo courtesy of Rose Shulman-Litwin '18.

This photo is a part of the series Shulman-Litwin submitted of student Maya Winkler in a mirrored bathroom. Photographer: Rose Schulman-Litwin ’18.

“I knew Rose’s talent in painting and drawing was amazing, so I didn’t doubt her photography skills,” Winkler wrote in an email interview. “Rose was totally in control of her artistic vision, and I followed her instructions on how to craft the emotions and body structure she wanted to embody through her photo.”

After entering on a whim, she already had the mentality that she would not win a spot in the exhibit.

“I started crying when I found out. I’m just glad I’m getting my name out there,” Shulman-Litwin said.

She was inspired by this experience and offered advice to other artists.

“Don’t make work you feel like you need to make,” Shulman-Litwin said. “Make work that you want to make.”

The exhibit will open Friday, Nov. 6, at the Los Angeles Center of Photography in West Hollywood. Below is a promotional poster for the event.

Invitation for the show opening. Photo courtesy of Rose Shulman-Litwin '18.

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  1. Vivian Shay October 25, 2015 at 11:17 AM -

    Congratulations, Rose! These are really beautiful pictures!