Students Prefer Spotify for Music App, Survey Says

Zaire D. Armstrong February 18, 2014 Comments Off on Students Prefer Spotify for Music App, Survey Says
Students Prefer Spotify for Music App, Survey Says

In Jan. 2014, the Oracle sent a form out to the entire Archer community asking what music apps they preferred using on their phone and computer and why.

With over 150 responses, we have gathered the data—along with brief descriptions of each app—that provides information on what and why certain people choose some music apps over others.

Pandora: The Pandora app creates personalized playlists based on a specific artist, song or genre of your choosing. According to the survey, Pandora is the third most used music app among Archer students for computer and phones. Many students commented on the “simplicity and familiarity” of this application’s design. Though the most basic Pandora “package” is free, frequent commercials are a major drawback. “Pandora One” lets you opt out of ads and improves music quality—all for the price of $3.99 per month or $36 per year.

iTunes Radio logoiTunes Radio is a free internet radio streaming service. Much like Pandora, iTunes Radio offers previously created playlists based around a genre, artist, or song of your choosing. On the survey, 17 percent of students said they preferred to use iTunes Radio on their phone, and 19 percent on their computer. One student said she likes “how they have new music,” while another enjoys being able to “fast forward through songs.”

iTunes was the most popular app selected for Archer students streaming music through their phones. It was the second most popular outlet for those using their computers. Because each song has to be purchased, one can access their playlists on any synced device without wifi or ads. Students commented on the “familiarity and ease” of this application.


Spotify logoSpotify is a free “streaming service” that allows the user to create playlists of individually complied songs. It also offers a radio service similar to Pandora. Spotify is a much more social music player, though, as it connects to Facebook and updates friends on what you’re listening to and allows users to rate tracks. Spotify was the most popular music outlet for Archer girls listening on their computer, and the second most popular on the phone.

Like Pandora, Spotify offers a paid version of their app that allows users to avoid advertisements and gain accessibility to music without wifi.One girl likes using Spotify because of the price and connivance advantages, saying, “It costs $10 a month, verses $15 for one album. I use Spotify Premium and have hundreds of songs, so it’s a better deal. Also, the synching process is easier than iTunes and you can still choose every song.”

Spotify logoSongza: Songza is an internet source for curated playlists created by music experts that  allows users to choose established playlists according to mood, time of day, or genre. With only one commercial at the beginning, Songza offers seamless listening for virtually any setting. Despite these features, only 1 percent of students said they prefer to use Songza on their computer, and 4 percent on their phone.

However, Archer teacher Kristin Taylor  is very satisfied with Songza’s ability to play “songs that are created by the experts.” She added  “Pandora tends to give me a lot of songs that sound similar, but Songza’s playlists introduce me to new artists and songs all the time. Plus, how can you resist playlists like ‘SoCal Summer’ or ‘Sunshine Indie Pop?”  To hear Songza in action, simply visit her classroom during a Journalism class where the constant hum of a Songza tune demonstrates Ms. Taylor’s love for this app.

All original art created by Zaire D. Armstrong ’16.

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