Students Present Independent Research In The Humanities Symposium

Zaire D. Armstrong May 22, 2014 Comments Off on Students Present Independent Research In The Humanities Symposium
Students Present Independent Research In The Humanities Symposium
Isabella Fuchs '14 presents her piece to an Archer audience. Photographer: Zaire D. Armstrong '16.

On Tuesday, May 22, Archer held its fourth annual Humanities Symposium in the library. 

Juniors and Seniors presented their independent research projects on various projects and essays they constructed throughout the year to a crowd of students, parents and teachers.

Presenters in the Honors senior seminars met with their teacher throughout the semester  to choose and edit their projects. Students participating in Independent Studies met with their individual advisers over the entire academic year.

Emma Lapin ’14 opened the event with her essay comparing the traditional and modern representations of female protagonists in Margret Atwood‘s “The Penelopiad” and “Shahrazad.”

Next to present was Senior Livia Reiner; her presentation focused on her experience growing up in a house in the “Mar Vista Tract,” reflecting on themes such as the meaning of suburban life and community and connection vs. exclusivity.

Athena Schlereth ’14 and Leila Taleghani ’14 did a joint presentation about Taoism and the gender binary in Ursula K. Leguin‘s “The Left Hand of Darkness.” Schlereth says,”We have been working on this as part of our independent study in Science Fiction and Philosophy. The experience was enlightening, in many ways. We feel closer to the great wholeness of humanity.”

In total, 18 students presented.

The presentation received positive feedback from students. Reiner says, “I really enjoy [the Symposium.] It’s something I look forward to every year—even if I’m not presenting.”

A sophomore says, “It was a lot more interesting than I expected… I found the presentations surprisingly intriguing and well thought out.”



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