The New Guy: Track Coach Riley Barrie

Ilene Gonzales April 8, 2014 Comments Off on The New Guy: Track Coach Riley Barrie
The New Guy: Track Coach Riley Barrie
Coach Riley Barrie before track practice. Photographer: Ilene Gonzales '16

Newly appointed Archer track coach Riley Barrie was recruited this year by Coach Kim Smith to help assist Coach Amelia Mathis with the track team.

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 10.12.11 PMFor his first year of coaching, Barrie tells the Oracle, “I look forward to developing a dynamic team that enjoys track, that cheers each other on and gets a healthy taste of competition.”

Attending high school in Hawaii, Barrie participated in swim, wrestling, and track—his track event was the pole vault. Currently, he enjoys surfing because it’s “refreshing,” and he enjoys being out in the water with “only nature and his thoughts” to accompany him.

However, running has always been valuable and important to him; despite being a very stressful and daunting sport, different from the peacefulness of surfing.

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 10.24.40 PM

In order to cope with the difficulties of intense competition or just complex predicaments in general, he often asks himself, “How would George handle this situation?”

George is Barrie’s grandfather and role model. Though he passed away years ago, Barrie still looks up to him as the impetus for his athletic career. His grandfather’s morals changed Barrie’s perspective on how to approach life: with positivity and acceptance.

With these morals guiding him, he begins a typical day at 5:50 am. He makes lunch for his son and takes him to school, which is usually followed by a run. He then works as a massage therapist, helping clients from casual competitors to collegiate and semi-pro athletes.

By 3:00, Barrie is here at Archer, ready to train and motivate Archer’s dedicated Track and Field team. He typically works with middle and long distance runners and is very optimistic about the progress of these athletes.

More information from the track team will come when they attend their next meet next Tuesday, April 8.

Description: Coach Barrie striking a pose! Photographer: Ilene Gonzales '16

Coach Barrie striking a pose.
Photographer: Ilene Gonzales ’16

 Stop by and give Coach Barrie a warm welcome into the Archer community! 

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