Unpacking the ‘Layers’ with Seniors Ella Angel and Erika Kort ’16

Carina Oriel May 27, 2016 Comments Off on Unpacking the ‘Layers’ with Seniors Ella Angel and Erika Kort ’16
Unpacking the ‘Layers’ with Seniors Ella Angel and Erika Kort ’16
Ella Angel and Erika Kort '16 explain their artwork to attendees of their exhibit opening of Layers on Thursday, May 5. Photographer: Carina Oriel '16

In a joint exhibit entitled “Layers” from Thursday, May 5 to Monday, May 9, seniors Ella Angel and Erika Kort featured their portrait photographs in the downstairs gallery.

Using one another as their sources of inspiration, Angel and Kort photographed each other, as well as a few other Archer students.

Ella Angel poses for "Sheer Overlay." Photographer: Erika Kort '16.

Ella Angel poses for “Sheer Overlay.” Photographer: Erika Kort ’16.

The two used the Overlay Blend Mode on Photoshop to place photo layers on top of one another.

In Angel’s artist statement, she wrote, “The overlay transforms the image from a flat picture to something that is more three-dimensional and takes more time for the viewer to analyze.”

“Throughout this year, I have had the time to reflect on my high school experience as a whole and who I want to be in the coming years. This year allowed me to analyze my true self and the kind of people I want to surround myself with. High school faced me with a lot of different challenges and obstacles, which opened my eyes to a more mature outlook on the world,” Kort wrote in her artist statement.

“I believe that people have many different layers that make up the components of their personality. I wanted to focus on capturing how those layers can define a person and why so many of the layers are hidden.”

Although both Angel and Kort do not plan on pursuing photography studies in college, they do plan on continuing on their passion as a hobby.

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