Varsity soccer continues winning streak

Eloise Rollins-Fife February 5, 2016 Comments Off on Varsity soccer continues winning streak
Varsity soccer continues winning streak
The 2015-2016 varsity soccer team walks off the field at halftime during their Jan. 22 game against Pacifica Christian. The team went on to win the game 3-0. Photographer: Meghan Marshall '17.

On a chilly Friday night, bleachers full of cheering fans wrapped themselves in blankets, readied their cameras and prepared to watch the most anticipated soccer game of the 2015-2016 Liberty League season. By the time the game began, a dancing panther had already entered the field, and the crowd stared intently as the two teams rapidly passed the ball.

At Santa Monica College, Archer’s home field, on Friday, Jan. 22, Archer’s varsity soccer team competed against league rivals Pacifica Christian. What followed was a lively, intense match from which Archer emerged victorious.

The game was full of attempts from both teams to score goals against the other. Eventually, the game ended with a final score of 3-0 with Archer taking the win. Reid Cobb-Phillips ’19 scored two goals, and Ali Kiley ’16 scored the third with an assist from Liadan Solomon ’17.

Rachel Pike ’17, one of the team’s three captains, was thrilled at the outcome of the Pacifica Christian game, despite not being able to play herself.

“Our team played the best game they’ve ever played in their whole life,” she said. “Even though I wasn’t playing, I was having the time of my life watching them connect with each others’ feet, and connect all their passes, and score three goals! Archer killed it tonight, and I’ve never been more proud of my team.”

Leandra Ramlo ’16, another captain, expressed a similar pride and was met with cheers of encouragement.

“I’m pretty pumped!” she said. “We played really well. It was a great game; we really came together, united. Great energy!”

Solomon chimed in to relay what the game meant to her.

“I’m so excited! It’s always the best part of the season, playing Pacifica, because it’s the most exciting game, and I’m so happy that we won!” she said.

Archer is currently 4-0-2 in the Liberty league, where they are the top ranked team. Archer tied Oakwood 0-0 in their first league game on Jan. 12. The Panthers went on to a 1-1 tie against Buckley on Jan. 14. The win against Pacifica Christian came next, followed by a 2-0 win against Milken on Jan. 25. A Jan. 27 game against de Toledo yielded another 2-0 win for Archer, while their Feb. 1 game against Oakwood scored them a 3-0 win. Most recently, Archer won their game against Buckley 2-1 on Thursday, Feb. 4.

The team is set to play their next away game, once again against Pacifica Christian, on Feb. 9 at 3:15 pm.

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