Varsity Soccer Team Plays Faculty in an ‘Epic’ Soccer Game

Siena Deck, Yasmeen Namazie and Isabelle Kantz December 1, 2014 1
Varsity Soccer Team Plays Faculty in an ‘Epic’ Soccer Game
Midfielder Rachel Pike '17 gets excited for the Teacher vs. Student game as the rest of the team and the Archer Panther gather in a huddle. Photographer: Shishi Shomloo

Students and staff gathered at Archer’s back field on Nov. 14 to watch the Archer Varsity Soccer Team face off in a friendly game against teacher volunteers.

In an email interview, Varsity Soccer Coach Amelia Mathis explained the impetus for the game: “The soccer game was created by the girls on the current team challenging the teachers to a game at lunch so that the community could gear up for the upcoming soccer season.”

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 8.13.41 AM

The line-up for the big game. Infographic created by Isabelle Kantz ’16

“As a teacher, the game was really fun,” Mathis continued. “I get the chance to play with the girls every day at practice but this was completely different.”

Mathis described the ambience at the game as “surreal.” She said, “The whole Archer Community was outside and cheering on the girls and that was unbelievable. Because our games are held off campus we rarely get a crowd of students that big.”

To look at more photos of the Teachers vs. Students game, refer to Shishi Shomloo’s album on Flickr.

Teachers vs. Students

Infographic created by Yasmeen Namazie ’15

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  1. Stephanie Ferri December 3, 2014 at 2:57 PM -

    The game was so fun. A big thanks again to Coach Mathis for putting it together. Thanks for the article!